Finally — A tire that lives up to its name

Introducing the brand-new DieHard Silver Touring All-Season Tire — engineered with rugged quality and innovation inside and out.

Rain, sleet, snow — it doesn’t matter. Grip the road in harsh conditions.

Cross-Angle Sipes create biting edges for better traction in wet/wintry conditions.

Tire Profile Optimization enhances performance by uniformly expanding the center and shoulder region of the contact area.

Feel the confidence of all-season traction and stopping power.

Full-Depth Sipes accelerate water away from treads, improving grip on wet and slick surfaces.

Circumferential Grooves cut through water and enhance grip for improved handling in rain.

Joyride or on the go, demand sharp handling that keeps up with life.

Nylon Belt Edge Layers increase steering response and cornering.

Tension Control Technology optimizes ground contact and distributes pressure for better braking and less wear.

Make sure every trip is comfortable and quiet so you can enjoy the ride.

Carcass Tension Distribution for the tire sidewall maximizes both steering stability and comfort.

Jointless Spiral-Bound Bead Bundles ensure uniform roundness and a precise fit to the rim for a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Combine lasting performance and a trusted warranty — all at the right price.

Advanced Carbon Tread Compound promotes long, healthy tire life.

70,000-Mile Limited Warranty provides lasting customer satisfaction.